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LED V/S Other Lighting Savings Calculator

Insert Values for Rated power(Watts of the fixture), No. of hours the light is used, and unit power cost in the corresponding columns. If you know the new fixure cost, insert them to get Return On Investment in Months.

  Conventional Fixture LED Fixture
Rated Power (Watts)
No.of Hrs Used/Day  
Electricity Rate/KWh  
Total Usage/yr
Total Amount
New Fixture Cost
ROI on Diff of New Fixt. Cost Months
ROI for Replacement in months Months

Add to these the replacement costs for conventional bulbs including material and labour, the heat load dissipated into the Airconditioned atmosphere thus increasing your cooling cost substantially and then the environmental benefits by way of using non-hazardous materila as well as reduction in carbon foot print by way of energy saving.


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